Thursday, November 15, 2012

Turkey Time {with FREEBIE}

Hello friends! I don't know about you, but I am almost turkeyed (is that even a word?!) out!  We have been doing a lot of work from my Turkey Math and LA unit. We did write the room for the first time today. Somehow I just have not squeezed it in until now. My kinders really did awesome and enjoyed it. I can now put it in one of my literacy stations. :)


Their awesomeness was hung up on the wall.

Here is a math station for students who are still working on numbers to 10. *Fingers crossed* that these little sweeties pick it up by Christmas. I made it a clippy station, because they need the fine motor work as well.

They have LOVED making their own turkeys! Little do these little turkeys know that they are practicing skills with each feather (heehee). You can get this little packet for free!

And finally here is my Fry word station completed. Our turkey now has all of his feathers covered in words. :) My kinders actually pinned the feathers on themselves without any "help" from me. I am amazed at how the feathers are placed. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

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