Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Has Sprung and Games Are Fun Blog Hop

Hello friends! I'm excited to team up with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you some fun games! 

My little ones LOVE the "I have...Who has?" games. They are great to have in your little bag of tricks for the rare times you have a few extra minutes or for a sub. You can time your game and try to beat your time the next time. When we play, my kinders just sit on the rug as I pass out cards. As each one says their card, I walk around and go ahead and take it up. This way I'm always walking and monitoring (this nips behavior problems in the bud) and I'm available for help as needed.
I have several of these games for different skills. My kinders' favorite is the one for CVC words. The high ones like how easy it is for them to read now and my lower ones can feel successful as we all have fun together. 

You can snag my I Have...Who Has? CVC Words Sample for Short A for free my Google Docs to try out and see how you like playing these games in your classroom. This is for a small group only.

You can click here to check them out in my store. It has all vowels for small group and a game with all of the vowels together to play with your whole class. 

Not only do you get a freebie, but you can enter to win the whole bundle of these games! 

Just use the rafflecopter below to enter and 2 lucky followers will win!

Now hop on over to Stacy's blog to check out her awesomeness!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dr. Seuss...Part 2

Shew, today was a nutty day. But I guess that's par for the course for Read Across America Week!

Here's a little peek at our day:
 We worked on our silly sentences from my Silly Sentences packet. We had fun making our sentences. After we did this whole group, students went back to their desk and worked on their emergent reader with these sentences.
While they were working and as we had time throughout the day, I had them read the sentence sheet to me. This is a great way to check for fluency and sight word knowledge. We use them each week with whichever sentence pack we are working on.

They are loving their morning messages this week! Today we made up silly sentences.
 "My dog can wear a shirt."
 "My cow can wear socks."
 "My horse can pick up a chair."
"My cat can ride a horse!"

Tomorrow will be rhyming with "Hop on Pop"!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dr. Seuss...Part One

Hello friends! It sure has been an exhausting, crazy fun day! We had a snow day yesterday, so today was our first official day of Read Across America Week. 
We of course wore pajamas today. When the kids get a PJ day, so do the teachers (love my principal!). So we have pajama days anytime we can fit them in! 

Here is a cupcake I was lucky enough to get to eat. They were brought for another K class, but I got an extra one. ;) Super adorable!

 My kinders has a less involved snack. The night before I made vanilla pudding with green food coloring. 2 of the big pudding boxes was enough for my class of 21 (and the kidlets towards the end had a little extra). 
We added vanilla wafers to the middle (the real thing was too expensive, lol) and sprinkles just because.

 The same wonderful parent who made the cupcakes also came with her husband dressed up ready to read to all of the kinders. 
She dressed as Olivia and he dressed as Farmer Brown and read the book to go along with it. 
I LOVE how they chose non Seuss characters! 

Of course we made hats! I'm lucky enough to have a die cut machine at school and one of our few large die cuts is this hat. It already had the lines perforated in so it made it easier for them to do their stripes. 

Well, my friends, that is our fun from today. I plan on blogging about the rest of our week each day if I make it! HA! 

What have you done so far this week?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our Space Week {with Freebie} and Currently

Hello friends! First off...March Currently from Farley

Some of these need an explanation:

Listening: my bulldog, Tank, loves his toys. He especially loves his teddy bear. He drags is all over the house and will lay on it while sucking on its head. It's totally adorable, but sometimes LOUD!

Needing: Our phone contract was finally up and we were ready to get some decent phones. I, however, am cheap. So when we went to Verizon and I saw the price tags on how much the phones were when renewing...we walked out.Yes, yes, I know, you are stuck with it for 2 years it might as well be a good one. I just couldn't do it. My hubby went searching on line and saw that Best Buy had the iPhone 5c for $50! We went and did that. I'm pretty excited, but am not iAnything savvy. So we shall see how this goes.

???? You have my answer...what do you think the question is? The first person to correctly answer in the comments (with their email) will get my unit that kinda goes along with it. :)

I have tons of pictures to share with you. I had more...but they are on my old phone and for some reason would transfer and are basically gone to me. 
 We made rockets. Their goal was to stay on green all week so their rocket didn't crash and they could make galaxy dough. Seriously the March Spring Craziness has already begun in my room. 
All that you need for galaxy dough. 1/4c salt, 1c flour, Kool-Aid packet and 1/4c water. Mix together and you have fruity smelling play dough. Add in some glitter for the space effect. My kids love this every year. I took pictures of them playing with it, but that's on the old phone. 

 This is an old favorite from a Mailbox book. I love adding their picture to it!

 Their writing this week was out of this world! I don't know where these writing papers came from. If you do, please let me know! They are fantastic!
 We added an alien to this one!

Our Space Morning Messages were a big hit!

Here are some things we did from my space unit: 
Write the room.

 Compound words with recording sheet.

 Emergent Reader

 Thematic Word Wall

 Space Interest Inventory Freebie

Oh and how I love that we can now use YouTube!
This one is my favorite:

This is my Space Playlist
The Storybot ones are awesome!

Here's a sneak peek at next week!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday