Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Has Sprung and Games Are Fun Blog Hop

Hello friends! I'm excited to team up with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you some fun games! 

My little ones LOVE the "I have...Who has?" games. They are great to have in your little bag of tricks for the rare times you have a few extra minutes or for a sub. You can time your game and try to beat your time the next time. When we play, my kinders just sit on the rug as I pass out cards. As each one says their card, I walk around and go ahead and take it up. This way I'm always walking and monitoring (this nips behavior problems in the bud) and I'm available for help as needed.
I have several of these games for different skills. My kinders' favorite is the one for CVC words. The high ones like how easy it is for them to read now and my lower ones can feel successful as we all have fun together. 

You can snag my I Have...Who Has? CVC Words Sample for Short A for free my Google Docs to try out and see how you like playing these games in your classroom. This is for a small group only.

You can click here to check them out in my store. It has all vowels for small group and a game with all of the vowels together to play with your whole class. 

Not only do you get a freebie, but you can enter to win the whole bundle of these games! 

Just use the rafflecopter below to enter and 2 lucky followers will win!

Now hop on over to Stacy's blog to check out her awesomeness!


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