Friday, July 4, 2014

How To Make Chair Pockets!

Hello friends! I posted my chair pockets on my FB page and had lots of questions on how I made them. Well, friends, here is your picture tutorial! 

1st: Choose your material. Keep in mind that sheets might be cheaper than fabric by the yard. A queen size flat sheet will make 18 chair pockets for little people chairs.

2nd: Gather your tools. You'll need your material, scissors, a tape measure and a yard stick. Choose a flat surface to do your work on. My kitchen table worked pretty well. :)

3rd: Patiently measure, mark and cut your material. This part seems to take FOREVER! And, honestly, I have a hard time being precise on everything. Just do your best, fabric is hard to measure and cut. 

4th: Gather your beautifully cut pieces and get out the sewing machine!

Mine is the Wal-Mart day after Thanksgiving special from like 8 years ago. It gets heavy use in the summer and is still going strong. So, while a nice expensive machine would be nice, it's not necessary for this project. 

5th: Sew the short ends to keep them from fraying too bad. 
I turn the knobs so its sews in a zig zag pattern for the whole thing. I think it looks pretty and hope it holds up better than the normal one.

6th: Trifold your material to make your chair pocket.
Lay your piece face down. Lift one end and fold it a third of the way up (about where the scissors are).
Then I took what is above my scissors and folded it back. 
This is the backside of the chair pocket.
When you do this trifold make sure your chair pocket is still at least 12 inches deep.

7th: Pin the edges.

8th: Sew up the sides.

9th: Trim off any that didn't line up.

And TA-DA you have a chair pocket!

I hope that made sense. It was hard for me to explain the trifold.
Good luck with your summer crafitiviites!


  1. good job…may have to try this….love the wild animal theme

    1. Thank you! The chair pockets made a big difference and made my room look more "jungley".

  2. Awesome tutorial!! Thank you soo much! Follow me back??


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