Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day FUN!

We had a wild and crazy Friday in my little kindergarten classroom. Our little leprechaun, Scotty (my husband, who loves helping me trash my room) made a visit. Here are some pictures of what he left for us.
Everything from our reading center was thrown everywhere onto our meeting rug

 Footprints, gold and candy were left on all of the tables
He even got into our cookies!

I forgot to take pictures of our cubbies. They were covered in streamers! 
Amazingly, my little ones were able to put their excitement aside, clean up the craziness, chill out and begin our day. I was happily surprised. 

Later that day, we wrote about leprechauns and made one to go with our writing. One of my little girls wasn't too excited about making a boy leprechaun and wanted to use the strips for the beard for hair instead. Those turned out so cute!

We also made Reagan Tunstall's Rainbow Name-bow activity. I sent home the parent note with the paper provided and 13 of my 19 darlings brought theirs back. I loved seeing what the parents wrote down for each letter. I LOVE these!!


  1. Love your blog. We are from Tennessee too. What part of tennessee are you from? We are your newest followers. Stop by when you get a chance. It is fun to collaborate with someone from your home state.

    Kristy and Misty

    1. I am from East TN. I'm headed on over to check out your blog. Yay for TN bloggers! :)


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