Sunday, April 28, 2013

Creating Class Books and a Peek at Some Number Sense

Do you create class books to put in you library? Whenever we work on a writing project, I usually make 2 copies. One will go in the student's writing file (which I compile at the end of the year and send home with their year's worth of writing) and the other will be used to make a class book. Our class books are very simple. Just construction paper stapled on the front and back and a handwritten front page with the title, author and date. Here's a look at some of our books!

Here is my favorite one from this year. Who doesn't love Mrs. Wishy Washy?!

 Very simple front cover.
 (Worms are not supposed to have a dog.)
This little writer has come such a long way!
These books are in a basket and stay in our reading center. When they get damaged, packing tape fixes them right up and they will survive the whole year through. By the end of the year we have enough so every student will get to take one home. I will draw names and each child will get a class book.

Now, on to some number sense. We only have 16 days left of school and of that only 9 will not be interrupted by an end of year activity, field trip, etc. So I  have decided to go completely hands on in math and work on number sense. My kiddos that I know have number sense will work on addition facts, but my other little cuties will be working on this to build on their number sense:

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  1. I love your class books! I did a couple of environmental print books just this past week with my kiddos. I would also love to win your number sense packet!

    Fun in ECSE

  2. We love making class books too!
    Your packet looks helpful...thank you!

  3. Thank you ladies for following and commenting! The Number Sense packet is on the way!


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