Saturday, September 21, 2013

Community Helpers {with mini giveaway!}

Hello friends! We just wrapped up our community helpers unit. We have so much fun with community helpers! Here are some pictures of the fun:
I love class graphs! We created one for which community helper they thought they would like to be. 
Above is our themed word wall (a little fuzzy). This is a great help when we are working in our journals!

 The K teacher beside me bought the masks for all of the kindergarten kiddos. They wore them as we worked on our class graph. It was a big hit!

 Each morning with our calendar/journal time we had a community helper themed message.
I wish I had snapped some pictures of their journals because they did such an awesome job with it! Click on the picture below to get the morning messages from my little store.

We also sent home a survey to parents asking them about their jobs. About half of my class sent them back, and my kiddos loved hearing about the different jobs! 
You can find the survey and many many more community helper activities by clicking on the picture below.

And the most exciting part about our community helpers week was that one of our kiddo's parents works for the Rescue Squad. He came with the truck and showed all of the kids the tools they use to help people out of a wrecked car. He then turned on the lights and opened up all of the compartments and let us walk around and check it all out!

Do you work on community helpers? What kind of activities do you do?

The first THREE followers to comment {with their email so I can send the prizes} will receive both of my community helper packs! 


  1. I am certain your little kiddos were ecstatic about your unannounced community helper!!! They had a grant time.

    We will be looking at this theme in the coming week and would sure love a copy of your community helper packs.

    Thanks and take care

  2. These community helper activities look great. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. I will be working on this starting next week. I would love to use your community helper packs.

  4. Dang! I missed it! We're starting community helpers next week. I love your graph idea!


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