Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween with Lots of Freebies!

Hello friends! It's about time to pull out the Halloween activities! Here's some Halloween things you can snag from my little store. Just click on the picture to check them out!

These activities are for K and 1st for tons of station fun!

The Old Lady books are always a hit with my kinders. I actually used this pack for my evaluation 2 weeks ago. 

Morning messages are great to get your kiddos talking about that certain subject and learning new facts. I extend these morning messages by having my kinders write and draw about the message in their journal. 

The bats morning messages are free in my store so you can try them out to see if you like them!

These are free until Monday afternoon with the Facebook Frenzy. Just click on the picture and then the FB Frenzy. You can snag about 40 more FB Frenzy freebies by following the hop!

Now for a freebie just for my blog followers:

These freebies are from this pack:

Just click on the pictures to go to the Google doc.

Happy Halloween Planning!


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