Friday, October 25, 2013

Ready for Spiders! (with freebies)

Hello friends! Mark this date down, it's Friday night and I actually have my lesson plans done for next week! Normally, it's a late Sunday night last minute kind of thing. We just finished up our week of bats and next week is spiders! Here's the awesomeness lined up for next week:

 I love the book "Aaarrghh Spider!" 

And Hadar has a super cute freebie that goes along with it!
The writing from this unit will be so much fun!

We've been working really hard on labeling and this next freebie is great. 
Kindergarten Lifestyle has this freebie for bats and spiders.

Our other book for the week is "Diary of a Spider". These diary books are so much fun, but some of the humor is lost on my kinders. 

I have a little packet to go with this and can't wait to use the 5 senses bubble map.

And....of course, each morning we will do our spider morning messages!

They have so much fun with non-fiction units! 

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  1. My class loved "Aargh, Spider!"! Thanks for the link to Hadar's product.

    I'm a new follower to your blog and store--so glad to have found you!


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