Sunday, December 15, 2013

Easy Activities for Christmas in the Classroom {Ornaments and a Freebie}

Hello friends! We are at T -5 days until break!!  Here is a random look at our activities from last week:

We used our measurement skills to construct a Christmas tree.
 We used q-tips to paint the snow.

We've been working on our random acts of kindness using the free pack from A Year of Many Firsts:
Free Packet: We Are Kind Kids {Random Acts of Kindness}

Here's our wrapped present we get the cards out of each day.

We worked together to decorate a gingerbread man:

I was too cheap to buy the Elf on the Shelf. So here is Santa's helper, Penelope.
 Santa leaves us messages in my best cursive on the blank one.

We have made several ornaments in our "spare" time. This one was easy and free. I just used the die cut machine to cut Christmas trees. Then, students tore and balled up tissue paper and glued it down. Easy and much prettier than I thought they would be.

And here is a freebie to help with getting thank you notes back to your little ones when they give you a Christmas gift. I always feel awkward with this. Parents are usually at our Christmas party and I by no means expect presents from my little ones and make a big deal out of anything I get and let all of them help me open the gifts. But, it's just hard when parents are watching you. 

Christmas Thank You Note - Freebie

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