Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sale, Custom Mini, Music City Bowl, Travel Horror Story = Random, but Fun

Hello friends! I hope you are enjoying your break as much as I am! 

I now have my custom mini!!

I'm so excited!!

She was wonderful to work with and she made sure she added every little detail I wanted. 
Her turnaround was super fast.
Her terms of use are very fair and easy to abide by.
Let's just say, my custom min is going to be everywhere. ;)
Just click on her button, to see the custom minis in her store and how to get your own! 

Yesterday, the hubs and I went to Nashville with my sister and her husband for the Music City Bowl. The boys love football. My sister and I kind of understand it, so we went. The temp was in the low 30s, but it felt like it was in the teens!

Here we are all bundled up - 

Me and the hubs

My sister and her hubby
Our view

We left early to hopefully avoid the traffic and get out easily. Enter...travel horror story....
We were not able to go on the interstate going the way we needed to because it was blocked. So I (bless my heart, I was driving) faithfully followed the Garmin, got off on the next exit and was going to turn around there. However, that exit onto the interstate was also blocked both ways. We were able to get off, but not on. We circled in downtown Nashville for an hour and a half, trying to find another exit. The first policeman we talked to (because they were everywhere) told us a way to go, but then said good luck because it was probably still blocked. We asked the 2nd policeman which way to go to get to Knoxville (the next big city for us to pass through on our way home). He hadn't heard of Knoxville, told us just to go on the interstate and turn around, but not which exits were open to reentry. (At least they were all nice and I know they had to be super cold.) We finally got going the way we needed to, 2 hours into wandering around. Let's just say that the next time we go to an event in a big city, this small town girl will NOT be driving on the way home. 

 Now, for my sale. My 4 featured products are on sale for 50% off!!

So it's time to snatch up a good deal on...
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I hope you have a blessed, safe and happy New Year!!

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