Friday, January 24, 2014

100th Day!! {and freebie}

Hello friends! Today was our 100th day! I LOVE 100th day, but this one was more chaotic than usual. We were on a 1 hour delay and it was 2 degrees outside when I got to school this morning. That is like, crazy cold for East Tennessee. Anyway, here are some pictures from our day!

We worked throughout the day on writing 100 words. 

 Students were asked to bring 100 things in to count.
We used counting mats to sort them into groups of 10 and then count by 10. 
 They had fun "checking" to see if they really had brought 100 things!
The counting mats idea came from Erica Boher's blog.

We have morning messages for all occasions, so of course we spent all week on 100th day morning messages. 

 This morning we brainstormed things we have learned in the past 100 days. The first little one that wanted to share what she had learned said she learned how to do good deeds and be kind to others. Talk about feeling like you are making a difference. :)
 Here are some journal entries about what they have learned. 

 We also have pocket chart sentences. These help my kinders build and read sentences.

Here's a little freebie from this packet: 
Just click the picture to get it from Google Docs. 

 And last but not least is my 100th day shirt. Sorry, this is the picture from last year. I kind of forgot to take one this year. My kinders loved it! {But I got some weird looks from the older kids today, lol.} I think there are still 100 wiggle eyes on there, but after crazy today, I'm not so sure.

What do you do to celebrate 100th day?

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