Sunday, January 5, 2014

Plans & Pics of the Upcoming Week {with a freebie}

Hello friends! I know you've seen others do visual plans of their week and I thought I'd give it a try with a little bit different format. We have to do our lesson plans in OnCourse. OnCourse is an online program where we enter our lesson plans and tag the standards we are working on each day. It's not my favorite way to do lesson plans, but once you create a template it becomes pretty quick.

So here are pictures of what I'm doing this week: 

New Year's Morning Messages
I love how  much my kinders have grown by doing these messages every morning. It has also helped my ELL students with vocabulary. 

 There is a new message each morning with the same theme. 

For our phonics we are working with blends. Blends are not in our frameworks, at all. And really I had to stretch to figure out which common core standard they go with. Have you had that problem fitting in blends with kindergarten CCSS? 
We teach because we know they need it and I'm pretty much just going from that. :)
These will be great for station and partner work. 

I will send the blend poster home with my January newsletter for my kiddos to practice at home. I will use the checklist as my ongoing portfolio assessment. Each of my students have a data notebook and it will be kept in there. 

 We will be using these for our independent practice and assessment.

And we'll play this I have...Who has? game if we have any extra time. 

You know how I love the old lady books!

 This week we are working on key details and retelling through writing. 

My old lady pack comes with 3 emergent readers. You can try one of them out with this freebie! 

We have Pearson for our math series. I really don't have to make too much to supplement for it, with the exception of learning numbers. 

Each lesson has it's own video that works with my SmartBoard and our system bought the color worksheets AND regular workbooks that go along with it. 

All that I'm doing this week and next to supplement comparing numbers is the mitten activity above. Our series doesn't introduce the greater than/less than sign. We've been working on that sign in our morning meeting when we do the lunch count and compare lunch boxes to cafeteria lunches. 
I'll be using all 3 stages of this mitten station.
Numbers 1-10 for my few students still working on number sense
Numbers 11-20 for my on level students
Numbers 21-100 for the students I want to challenge

Here is a peek at what is in my sensory table right now.
Displaying IMG_20140102_140608_170.jpg
It's from my CVC Sensory Tub Pack with leftover tinsel from a student gift. 
Students will pull a card and then take the card to the magnetic dry erase board beside the table.
They stick the card on the board and then write the word beside the picture. 
This is a great station for my kinders. They get to move a lot and finally touch what is in the sensory table. :)

So be on the lookout each week for my plans & pics with a freebie! 
I'm hoping that next time I'll have more pictures from my classroom. 

If you do a blog post with your plans, please leave a link in the comments. I'd love to check it out!
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  1. Love your blends activities! On my wish list to purchase soon. Thanks for sharing what you do in your classroom. Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog


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