Sunday, February 9, 2014

All Set for Valentine's Day {with a freebie!}

Hello friends! Shew, I have been busy getting everything ready for Valentine's Day! Students only have a 4 day week {only teachers go on Valentine's Day this year}AND they are calling for snow Monday and Tuesday. I guess we shall see how much Valentine's I can cram in to a few days!
To see any of these in my store, just click the picture. :) 

Here's what we have going on this week:
Of course, the Old Lady! We will be working on using sequencing to retell.

Then, one of my favorites, "Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse!". I've only been able to find the little board book. But, this book is totally adorable! With this book we will be focusing on my Mouse gave each of his friends a card.

My favorite pocket chart station! My students are working hard on building sentences. This helps them practice in a fun meaningful way. After we practice, they will read the emergent reader {to the right}. Then, I will pull them one on one to read the passage below. I mark words to work on if needed and stamp it homework. If the student does well reading it, I stamp it with "Awesome job reading! -Mrs. Lindsey". Either way they get to pick their favorite one and write it on the bottom. There they have the chance to get my "I *heart* your handwriting!" stamp. Whatever it takes to motivate! 

We will be using our Valentine's Morning Messages each morning for our journal time.

We will be using my Kindergarten Valentine Math Tubs for our beginning addition.
To practice skip counting
And to practice numerical order.

We will be using these to decorate our Valentine bags. In my kinder class, students will only write their name on the valentine on the "from" part. Students will have their decorated bag at their desk. Students, a few at a time, will walk around and place one valentine in each bag. PTL to the wonderful colleague who came up with this idea. This way students don't have to figure out which valentine goes where. 
For our bags, students will get to decorate a white paper lunch bag with hearts and stickers however they want to. We try to keep things simple back in the kindergarten building. ;)

I have a little Valentine's freebie for you! It is from my Kinder Valentine's Math Tubs . It will help your kiddos with numbers 1-10. Just click on the picture to snag it!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

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