Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tooth Fairy Week {with freebies!}

Hello friends! We are finally ready to work on our Tooth Fairy/Dental Health unit. I'm so excited! I LOVE this one! Here's a little peek at what we are working on this week:

On the first day we are going to read "You Think It's Easy Being the Tooth Fairy?" and write in our Tooth Fairy booklets. I love this book for telling the "practical hard-working" side of the Tooth Fairy.

Then, on to another favorite, "Moose's Loose Tooth". This would be great for sequencing, however this year I'm using it for comprehension. After we read the book, we are going to graph who has and has not lost a tooth. Then I will reread the book and students will take a comprehension test on it. 

Our last book of the week will be "Tooth Trouble". After reading and discussing that the dentist is not so scary after all, we will write about what the main idea of the story is. Any time we write, we are highly encouraged to use a rubric in grading and checking mechanics. To makes things simple, the rubric on on the paper.

 You can snag this for FREE from my store by clicking here or on the picture. I usually run about 100 of these at a time and use my big binder clip on them. Then, I have them when we do our writing.
On Friday, my little ones will get to bring a stuffed animal to school. We will practice the art of brushing teeth with our construction paper toothbrushes and stuffed animals.
Below is a quick tutorial on how to make those toothbrushes. {This is from one of the awesome teachers on our K team.}

We will be working on a lot of activities from my Tooth Fairy {No Prep Writing} packet.
 AND you can get a little freebie when you click on it in my store and download the preview.
This is the little freebie that you can get when you download the preview. Just click on the picture to get there. :) 
Here are some more activities from this little packet:

Hope you all have an awesome week!!

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