Saturday, August 24, 2013

Math Tubs {All Ready to Start Teaching Numbers!}

Hello friends! I'm ready to start my math tubs! We don't do "traditional stations" anymore and whatever we do has to directly relate to the standard we are teaching that day. To be honest I'm having a hard time letting stations go, especially in math. I love seeing their hands on learning and the light bulbs that result in the hands on learning! But I do understand that everything must relate to the standard we are teaching that day and stations should have a purpose, not just busy work so you can work with a small group. All of my tubs this week directly relate to numbers 1-5.
So here is what I have come up with the the help of my fellow K teachers. We are doing math tubs. Right now we are teaching numbers 1-5, so everything in our tubs relate to numbers 1-5. I have split my kids into 2 groups (the high half and the low half). Half will go to a table and work with their partner on the tub while the other half is working with me on the rug. Then we will flip-flop.
I set my math tubs up for this week and here's what I got:
Using pattern blocks to make numbers.
(you can find these from
Connecting worm blocks with numbers.

 Close up of the cute worm blocks.
A coordinating number line to use as a reference. 
Roll the die and record your number. 
 BTW - sheet protectors work great as dry erase boards and hot glueing pom poms on dry erase markers work great as erasers!
Snap cubes - build it 
10 frames and playdoh 
And here is where they are all stored (I have 3 reading ones too, I'll post about them later)

These can all be done independently and I think they will be great extra practice but not busy work. I decided not to differentiate since that will be done when they are with me for their lessson.
How do you do your math stations to fit what is expected of you and to best meet the needs of your students? I love to hear about them!


  1. Love the math tubs!! Your students will love doing them.


  2. Thank you for sharing! Found a great new resource (makinglearningfun) because of you. ;)


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