Friday, August 30, 2013

RTI {with freebies!}

Hello friends! Our school year has started. We have assessed and are ready to begin RTI. We've only been in school for 3 weeks, but shew...we have already covered a lot! As I was thinking about things I wanted to use for my RTI group, I did my best to keep it engaging. Our time for RTI is at the end of the day, so we will mostly be playing learning games to learn letters, sounds and sight words.
I decided to pull from these packets.

For both of these, their game board will be in a plastic sleeve protector. Students will pull a card when it is their turn (depending on the game it will be a word or a letter) we will decide as a group what it is and everyone will find it on their game board and trace. Once they get the hang of it, I'll make it more competitive. But, for now, we will ease into it. 

Here's what it will look like:

to try out a little freebie from both of these packs!!

What activities do you use for RTI? 


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  2. I Love these! Thank you for sharing these samples. I will be purchasing your packages at tpt. These are just what I need for my intensive group.


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