Thursday, April 24, 2014

Springing Into Science Blog Hop {Freebie and Giveaway!}

Hello friends! Welcome to the blog hop! 

How do you integrate Science into your curriculum? Some units are easy to integrate and others are not. Here's a peek at what we've been up to this week and it includes a lot of Science!
My kinders have LOVED learning about life cycles. To correlate with Earth Day this week, we have worked with the life cycle of a plant. 
We've read these books:

Here is one of the anchor charts that we made to help with writing:
I have been using labels for my anchor charts that are like this. I print and laminate them first. Then, I tape them onto my paper. My paper came from the mailing section. It's technically packing paper and comes in a large pack. One pack lasts me for the whole year. And, unlike butcher paper it's already cut to the right size and I don't have crooked anchor charts from my lack of being able to cut in a straight line.  The only problem is it is a little thin. 
By doing this I can prep my anchor charts way ahead of time and check that off of my list!

This was on our focus wall. My students also use this to help with their writing when they are wanting to spell on of those words. 

Most of my activities this week have come from this packet

You can enter in the rafflecopter below for a chance to be one of the 2 luckies to win this packet! is a little freebie from that packet to get you started with writing!

And continue on the hop...
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  1. I integrate by using literature in every subject area that I teach. I also use songs and games as well.

  2. Thanks so much! Love this for plants and writing!

  3. Thanks so much! I can see this packet leading to some really fun activities!!

  4. Such cute ideas and activities. Love the Write the room!

  5. I integrate with books and activities!

  6. I try to integrate Reading, Writing, Oral and Visual Communication, and Visual Arts into my Science and Social Studies programs!!! It just makes everything easier...especially when you teach a split grade!! This plant unit looks absolutely amazing, Lindsey! I hope that I am one of the LUCKY recipients <3.

  7. I integrate my reading and math along with writing.

  8. We try to write as often as possible about what we are doing in science, and our poem of the week is often tied to it as well.

  9. Our reading series has several stories that lend themselves to science explorations and units of study. I like to have the kids sort words from our unit of study (number of syllables, singular and plural words, nouns, compound words, etc.) I also love to have them do writing craftivities.

  10. I integrate in my ELA and Math time through a variety of activities.

  11. I integrate by using books (and videos!)!

  12. I integrate by trying to have every subject relate to our theme of the week.


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