Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Superhero Fun

Hello friends! I just wanted to share some fun we have had this week. You might have read about my morning messages on another post. I really like them, so maybe just maybe I talk about them a lot. My kinders have grown tremendously from them, and I usually have a funny story or two from the conversations they generate. 

Usually our morning messages go along with our theme for the week. This week is a crazy week with a field trip and state testing in 3rd-5th. So our schedule is a little cray-cray.
I decided to share some of my favorite books with my kinders in ELA, so I don't have a set theme this week.  I figured it would be the perfect week to do my Superhero Morning Messages. 

Here's a little peek into our morning time and, of course, a funny story to go with it. ;)

 Each morning, I go through our message. It is a prime time to hit specific sight words, or in the very beginning, letters. 
We discuss the message. Sometimes we graph our answers. Sometimes we make a bubble map together. It all depends on the message and the conversations we have from it. Sometimes I let each student that wants to share what they think and we move on. 
Here is an example of our bubble map to go along with the message above.
After our discussion, my students will go to their table to write and draw their response to our message. 
I seriously forgot to take a picture of their journals. Maybe one day I'll remember...

Now, for the story...
Yesterday we discussed what superpower they would want if they were a superhero. I had all kinds of good answers. I had one tell me their power would be "mind division". This student went on to tell me exactly how they would use and how they use it, now, everyday. I LOVE the conversations we have from these messages. Though, sometimes, it's hard to keep a straight face. 

I would love to give a couple away!
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