Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Currently

I'm linking up with Farley for June Currently.
If you read my last post,  you would know that we had a yard sale this past week. Not my favorite thing in the world to have a my house. I guess the worst part is the strangers trying to peer into our garage (my hubby is very territorial over his tools and project truck) and trying to pet the dogs in the backyard. Seriously, one year a guy tried to buy the grill of my back porch!
However, the yard sale money is burning a hole in my pocket and I have REALLY been wanting to buy those colorful fiesta canisters for my kitchen. But for some reason I just can't bring myself to spend close to $200 on canisters, so I'm just hanging on to the money until I have a weak moment.
I need to paint my kitchen and the living room, foyer, hallway and the downstairs could use paint, too. I have all of these wonderful ideas, I just have to get it in gear and get painting.
I'm so ready for our vacay! Last summer we got married on the beach and this summer we are going back to that same beach (St. Augustine, Florida) for our anniversary. I can't wait!!
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  1. I love St. Augustine!!! My hubs and I once lived in Jacksonville and would dash down to St. Augustine occasionally. The whole stretch from Jax to St. A is beautiful! I found your blog thru Farley's June Currently and I'm your newest follower!


  2. Enjoy your summer vacation (we still have a month to go). I have had lots of painting projects over the summer. I always find that it's hard to get into them (I HATE the prep work), but the results are so dramatic that it is worth it. So, happy painting and enjoy your new spaces. Happy to be your newest follower.

    rubberboots and elf shoes

  3. I vote buy the Fiesta containers...those things are awesome! :-) I'm another new follower!

    Real Teachers Learn

  4. I am cleaning out and getting ready for a garage sale right now! I am not looking forward to the process, but I am excited to have some extra money in my pockets and some extra space in my closets! I say go for the containers! =)

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  5. Hi! I am a recent grad, I subbed through college and did a long term sub job after student teaching. I am from Indiana but looking everywhere for a job. My fiances parents live in TN. Any tips or suggestions are helpful or if you can lead me in the right direction to get a interview.

    Thank you,
    Just Diving In

    1. I would reach out to the principals in the district you are wanting a job in. Go meet with them, talk with them and hand in a resume with your picture on it. When interviewing be prepared to answer questions about differentiation, common core, and how you are going to organize everything and handle behavior. Bring student work samples to your interview (the work samples is what helped me get my job). Good luck! If you get kindergarten, email me and I can help you out with some materials!


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