Thursday, July 11, 2013

Linking Up For Wednesday Wisdom {just a day late}, Throwback Thursday and Get Ready for Flash Freebie Friday

Hello friends! I linking up with Primary Possibilities for their Wednesday Wisdom {just a day late}.
Here is this week's focus: It is time for another Wednesday Wisdom.  This week we are wanting to know how you make your classroom run smoothly.  What procedures do you have specific to your classroom that make transitions and activities efficient?  What saves you time and helps you with time management?

I think one of the things that help my classroom run smoothly is teaching and modeling high expectations. At the beginning of the year, we go over the rules each and every morning. I'll have students show what it looks like, show what it doesn't look like and then, again, what it looks like. This helps the rules seem real instead of just something Mrs. Lindsey is saying while they are distracted by the newness of school .

To help with time management, I make sure I have given them the tools and knowledge to perform a specific task before I ask them to do it. I can't expect them to go to stations if I haven't shown them what to do in that station, what their behavior will look like in that station and voice level.

What helps me the most is being consistent, meaning what a say and following through. This takes a lot of time and effort up front, but is worth it in the end. And, you have to remember that some days are just going to be crazy!

Go on over to Primary Possibilities and see the other links for today's Wednesday Wisdom!

Primary Possibilities

Now for some Throwback Thursday!

Today's Throwback Thursday
This ties in with things going smoothly in the classroom. I love using music for transitions! Last year whenever stations were over, I would play a song. Students had to have their station cleaned up and be on the rug before the song was over. This helped me SO much! Before I always had stragglers at the stations and then the ones on the rug would be loud (and who could blame them, nothing was going on but waiting). With the song, those on the rug were singing and dancing and those still cleaning could tell how much time they had left because they knew the songs.
*********************Originally Posted May 14, 2012*********************
Oh my only 4 MORE DAYS LEFT! Why is it that this time of year is always so hectic! Four more days, final research project for my masters ALMOST ,well maybe halfway, finished, and my wedding is 33 days away {SO EXCITED!!}. Whew, so much to do in so little time.  Oh and did I mention that I'm moving back to kindergarten so I have to move all of my crap awesome stuff to the other end of the building.

Anywho I have just discovered The Laurie Berkner Band thanks to an awesome pre-k teacher down the hall.
Best of the Laurie Berkner Band

Have any of you heard these songs?!?! They are so much fun. If you teach little ones, I'm sure you know the importance of using songs. And if you have ever been to a Dr. Jean conference, she will tell you all of the research behind it (BTW if you ever have a chance to hear her speak, it is definately worth going). The songs from this CD are so upbeat and my kiddos LOVED them. They have begged to listen to them and try new ones all day. Rocketship Run is my kiddos' favorite. It has become one of those songs they sing under their breath in the hallway - so cute.
Shew that was a long post!! Now if you hung on this long, let me tell you about something new! On my FB I'm going to start doing a flash freebie every Friday! Be sure to like my page so you don't miss out! Just click on the picture to get to my FB page!


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