Monday, July 15, 2013

Pin It to Win It Monday with Sensory Activities

Hello Friends! I am super excited about a new station I will be using in my classroom this coming year. My sweet darling husband built me a sensory table! {BTW much cheaper than buying one}
Here's what it looks like (in our garage):
My head is spinning with all the things I can do with it! I am going to put it beside a magnetic dry erase board. My plan is to put magnetic station cards in with the dyed noodles, sand, rice, whatever looks fun. Students can place their card on the board, use it for sorting or write the word/number on the board beside the card. So many different activities can be accomplished with this! {Can you tell I'm excited?!}
Well, here is what I have created to go with my awesome table:
I created 6 packets:

Early ELA and Grammar Sensory Tub Activities
Early Math Sensory Tub Activities
Alphabet {Letters and Sounds} Sensory Table Activities
Alphabet {Letters and Sounds} Sensory Tub Activities in D’Nealian
Rhyming Sensory Tub Activities
CVC Sensory Tub Activities
Just click on the name to check it out in my little store or click on the picture to see the bundle.

If you don't have a sensory table, you can always use a tub. If you don't want to do either, these stations would work just fine in a pocket chart.

I'd love to you have a sensory table/tub in your classroom?

Now for the Pin It to Win It Monday. Each Monday I'm going to do a pin it to win it. This time you could win my sensory bundle! There will be 2 winners that will be randomly selected through rafflecopter. Now this is the first time I've used the pin it through rafflecopter. If something doesn't work please let me know! You can earn up to 8 chances to win through the rafflecopter! :)

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Happy pinning!!


  1. Your table looks great. You are lucky to have a handy husband. I have a sand table and use rubbermaid containers for my sensory bins. Sensory play is so important for children.

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    1. Thank you! He was just happy to get tools out of the deal, lol. The rubbermaid containers work great. I have my sand in one.


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