Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday {with a freebie!}

Hello Friends! I'm linking up with Cara from The First Grade Parade for Throwback Thursday!
This post was a fun one about using stamps in a station even though I'm very OCD about everything getting back where it belongs and students NOT looking like someone just took their fingerprints!
***Originally Posted March 12, 2013***
Hello friends! Do you have a favorite part of your school day? My favorite part would have to be station time. Though, it would be a tie between Math and Reading stations. They both are so much fun! One of my favorite reading stations is my stamping words station and the kids think it's pretty cool, too. :)

Here's a little look as to what goes on during this station that they visit once a week.

This year I finally figured out something that worked to store my stamps in. The cases they come in don't last long. I had seen an idea on Pinterst to use ice cube trays, but I wasn't sure how that would work. And then it came to me, the little baskets I already had would work perfect! Who knew those cheap baskets from Wal-mart would work so wonderfully?! By this time in the year, they can pretty much keep the stamps in ABC order (they know how OCD I am about that!). The stamp pads you see came from Oriental Trading and have lasted all year, which is quite an accomplishment!

Here's a little unit that I use to help differentiate at my stamp station:
And a freebie to go along with it!



  1. Hi there! I have stamps in my Word Work station too. I used some Stampin' Up! pads I had and they are awesome...but a little tricky for some kiddos to open. Maybe I should check out Oriental Trading... :-)

    Teaching Little Miracles

    1. My kids didn't have trouble opening the Oriental Trading ones. And the big size is nice.


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