Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vacation Finds and Other Goodies!

Hello friends! Are you already thinking about back to school? I tell my husband that my teacher brain never turns off. That same sweet husband is in the garage right now building me a sensory table {I don't think he had any idea what he was getting into by marrying a teacher!}. We just got back from our vacation in St. Augustine, Florida (where we got married last year). While we were there, I of course stopped in at Michael's and Hobby Lobby because you just never know what you might find. Well I racked up at Michael's (BTW teachers get a 15% discount, who knew?!).
Does anyone else just happen to find things for their classroom while on vacation?
All for $1 or $3
The chevron board and drawer holder thing were both 70% off!
These will be great for my community supplies. All of that was only $26!!
And I found this clock while we were shopping downtown. I just couldn't pass it up!
Now I have something really cool to share with you! Have you ever checked out CafePress? They really have some cute items like these:
Baby hats with any design you could think of. {I can't wait until the hubby and I have a little one!!}
Baby Hats
           Super cute flops:                                                                            Coffee Travel Mugs:
Keep Calm Plan MugPaisley Flip Flops
The cool thing about all of this is that you can personalize and create your own design as well.
Now on to my favorite part -  you can design your own tshirt! When I taught 1st grade, I had a couple of 1st grade teacher shirts. When I moved to kindergarten last year, of course I had to buy one. Well, the one I ordered from another website did not fit right, it was too low up top and too short on the bottom and was supposed to have been a tshirt. I only wore it once and was pretty sad about it.
You can design your own or look through the many different ones they already have.
Here's the one I have my eye on:
i teach ...little reasons T-Shirt
But you can also design your own t-shirt.
So are you ready to go back to school? What have you been doing this summer to make next year super awesome? Make sure you have fun, too!!


  1. Looks like you found some good buys! Definitely not ready...lots to prepare for new school and new grade...

    Teaching Little Miracles

    1. Good luck with the new school and new grade! You've got a lot going on!


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