Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sneaky E

First of all, I just want to say that I LOVE how my school does RTI! Each child is in an RTI group. We level our kids and between the 3 kindergarten teachers and our aid every child has a place to go. I work with the group that needs the most help. I have this group, which is a mix between the 3 classes, for 45 minutes at the end of each day. I look forward to this time each day and I am amazed at their growth! I love what can be done when we all work together!

Today we worked on sneaky e. That's right, CVCE words in a kindergarten RTI group that needs a lot of love. We had so much fun with this packet. Here are a couple pictures of us using the word cards at my table.

If you haven't seen this packet from Martha @ Primary Paradise and you teach CVCE words, you really should check it out! The graphic for the "e" is the best!!

Watch Out for Sneaky e: a silent e, long vowel pack
Click on the picture to go check it out!
My Primary Paradise
And click on the button to check out her blog!
I also learned something really cool today. Did you know that the cheapo cookie sheets from the dollar tree will work as a dry erase board?! My teaching partner discovered this today. And we kind of had a duh! moment wondering why we hadn't discovered that by now! Just think of all the station possibities!!
And I am leaving you with some words of wisdom. :)
Happy Tuesday!

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